Capstone Financial Advisors

Employees 27 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Troy Bute | Location Downers Grove, Illinois | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |*First-time winner!

Capstone Financial Advisors celebrates its employees’ achievements, such as certification completion and employee performance accomplishments, during monthly and semi-annual team meetings. The firm hosts holiday parties, gift exchanges, ugly sweater day and office mini golf. Employees enjoy summer hours, early holiday departures, flexible work hours and time off to attend to personal needs. Capstone contributes 3% of each employee’s salary and bonus to his or her account beginning the 1st day of the month, following six months of employment and 1,000 hours of service with the company, along with all 401(k) plan contributions vested immediately. The company offers six health care plan options for employees and their dependents to choose from.

Due to the pandemic, the firm extended unused 2020 paid time off for advisers into 2021 and modified its office layout, while allowing remote access for all employees. It also ensures regular office and equipment disinfecting and cleaning and that masks, gloves and sanitizer are available.