Greenspring Advisors

Employees 25 | Firm Type RIA | CEO and Managing Director J. Patrick Collins Jr. | Location Towson, Maryland | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services |

Greenspring Advisors encourages its employees to recognize one another for living by the core values of the company. Employees can display handwritten thank-you notes on the company’s Praise Wall (which was virtual in 2020) and be entered into a monthly raffle. Before the pandemic, the firm engaged in monthly team happy hours that entailed activities such as scavenger hunts, mini-golf tournaments, and monthly team lunches. During holidays, the office may close early, or employees may receive additional paid time off.

Due to the pandemic, working in cubicles is prohibited, so those whose workspace is a cubicle must use an office, breakout room or conference room. Also, the dress code has been adjusted to business casual for those coming into the office, and masks and other Covid guidelines are in place.