ML&R Wealth Management

Employees 16 | Firm Type RIA | Lead Partner Stuart Smith | Location Austin, Texas | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Switching to remote work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t require much shifting, says lead partner Stuart Smith. “We’ve always allowed our employees to work from home and on flexible schedules to fit their particular circumstances,” she explained. “Our core value is that no success at work is worth failure at home, so we try to create an environment where everyone can succeed without making the rest of their life more difficult.”

Along with being proactive on work-life balance, ML&R has always emphasized technology, which also made the transition to working at home seamless. “Everyone was equipped to work remotely, and we gave each employee a $1,000 stipend to spend on anything that would make working from home easier and more comfortable,” Smith said.

Employees are encouraged to take off an hour or so during the day and “take a walk or do something for themselves so they’re not on Zoom or staring at a computer screen nine hours straight,” she said. To combat the isolation, the firm treated employees to virtual escape rooms and gives them lunch allowances so they can order in and then take a lunch break with colleagues online.  Evan Cooper