Richard P. Slaughter Associates

Employees 18 | Firm Type RIA | President and CEO Brooks Slaughter | Location Austin, Texas | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Reflecting on lessons learned over 30 years of fostering a “best place to work,” Brooks Slaughter, president and CEO of Richard P. Slaughter Associates, cites a long-held company strategy.

“The demand for our wealth management services has been steadily growing over the years,” Slaughter said. “By maintaining our strategy of hiring and training in advance of demand, we’ve been able to integrate [new employees] into our culture of graciousness and keep our service levels at our highest standards.”

Another strategy contributing to worker satisfaction is the company’s decision, made10 years ago, to offer employees stock in the company. With an ownership mindset comes a greater commitment to the firm.

“The employees feel that ‘I’m not just minding the company’s money, I’m minding mine, too,’” Slaughter said. “There are no partners. It’s not that two-tiered system of owners and nonowners. Employees don’t have that psychological barrier of feeling less important.”

Due to the pandemic, employees can work from home and the firm has limited in-office client exposure. The staff must also wear masks and practice social distancing. — Brittney Grimes