Center for Financial Planning

Employees 30 | Firm Type Hybrid | Managing Partner Timothy Wyman | Location Southfield, Michigan | Primary Custodian Raymond James |

With two of its eight partners coming from the firm’s operations areas, the Center for Financial Planning recognizes the contributions of all its employees and encourages professional development for each of them in every area of the business.  

“One of the most important things we do as a firm is develop a personal professional development plan for each employee and keep working on it with them,” said Timothy Wyman, the Center for Financial Planning’s managing partner, who notes that the firm’s philosophy is “people over profits.” The firm is proud that it didn’t lay off anyone during the 2008-09 financial crisis, instead concentrating on efficiencies and cutting other expenses. 

While focusing on the success of each employee, the firm also emphasizes teamwork. “We work on the team experience as much as the client experience,” Wyman said, observing that satisfied employees make for satisfied clients.  

Covid has put a strain on team members, who experienced the loss of family members and clients, he said. “We’ve had our share of grief, and tried to be caring and flexible.”  — Evan Cooper