Morton Capital

Employees 48 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Jeffrey Sarti | Location Calabasas, California | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Jeff Sarti, CEO of Morton Capital, recognizes the reality of work: “It can be a grind.” Acknowledging that fact, he and the firm’s leadership team try to make coming to work each day enjoyable and fulfilling.

They do that, he says, by creating a culture that prioritizes the team above clients and by helping employees thrive and grow in their careers. In addition to generous benefits, which during the pandemic have been supplemented by additional days off to cope with the added stress, the firm emphasizes career development.

“Every person understands in a detailed way what is expected of them in terms of their role and what’s necessary to advance,” Sarti said. “We want them to own their future.”

Like Sarti, who was a pre-med student in college, Morton Capital’s employees have diverse backgrounds.

“We intentionally hire outside of finance,” he said, seeking different perspectives as well as the all-important motivation and emotional skills needed to help clients reach their long-term goals.

To understand the intricacies of investments, finance and other subjects, the firm conducts 90-minute education sessions each Thursday. “Covid hasn’t caused us to lose sight of the importance of learning and growth,” Sarti said.   — Evan Cooper