Private Ocean Wealth Management

Employees 41 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Greg Friedman | Location San Rafael, California
 | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

“Drive and ambition can coexist with kindness and consideration,” said Greg Friedman, founder and CEO of Private Ocean, headquartered in San Rafael, California.

One way the firm supports this coexistence is through the efforts of its full-time chief experience officer, Cynthia Greenfield, who’s a certified coach. Her responsibilities include creating connections, culture and community across multiple offices. She does so by coaching employees on personal and professional development, and by developing and facilitating meetings and events.

“She designs the balance between fun, technology-focused and team-building events,” Friedman said.

He does his part by frequently checking in with employees to ask them, “How are you? Anything bugging you? What can I do to support you?”

“I always express to them how important they are, how integral they are to our success. And I always follow up on any issues they bring up,” Friedman said. “It’s the way I want to be treated — feeling that I have a voice, that I can give my opinion and that I know about changes before they go into effect. It’s respect.”