Employees 31 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Wade Daniel | Location Cincinnati, Ohio
 | Primary Custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional |

Cincinnati-based Wealthquest takes a highly visible approach to its firm culture with its formal social contract, which is signed by every employee upon joining the firm. The document outlines detailed expectations in terms of everyday working behavior (“Listen before speaking”), conflict resolution (“Apologize quickly and forgive quickly”) and continuous improvement (“Invest in improving procedures”).

“We hold each other accountable to the social contract so we can ensure that everyone is bringing the best versions of themselves,” said W. David Kirn, Wealthquest’s president. “There are a lot of positive aspects within it that we pursue as a team to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.”

In another visible nod to culture, the firm recently created a new staff position, a director of mission, who’s charged with reinforcing the social contract by providing staff with regular check-ins (“Do you have what you need to do your job?”), assistance with conflict resolution, and personal and professional coaching.

“We expect that this new role will help ensure that we retain the integrity of our culture,” Kern said.