Balasa Dinverno Foltz

Employees 63 | Firm Type RIA | President Chad D. Carlson | Location Itasca, Illinois | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |*4-time winner!

For the past several years, the firm has embraced a form of the DiSC training program, which uses birds to teach the four DiSC personality types that are linked to specific communication preferences. Each employee has a small stand-up bird representing their behavioral type, which they bring to all meetings, and everyone tries to adapt their communication styles when making requests of each other. The firm celebrates team members’ anniversaries at the five-year mark and every five years after that at a monthly team meeting. It also has holiday celebrations like Halloween parades and toy drives and miscellaneous fun breaks like a solar eclipse viewing or a Zoom happy hour.

In response to the pandemic, Balasa Dinverno pivoted to virtual meetings internally using Zoom and Teams. It also implemented virtual social hours, coffees, baby showers and promotion events, and at Halloween it sent employees a bucket of goodies (not candy).