Employees 71 | Firm Type RIA | President Chad D. Carlson | Location Itasca, Illinois | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Based on the idea of “loving on your people,” BDF of Itasca, Illinois. introduces potential employees to its person-centered mindset during the interview process. Candidates are asked questions such as, “What have you learned about yourself?” and “What do you care about?”

Once hired, new employees are showered with attention and affection.

“We want to intentionally build relationships between associates across the firm,” said Chad Carlson, BDF’s president.

On their first day, new team members have lunch with the firm’s president, their team captain and their trainer. In the first two weeks, the newcomers receive balloons, specialty popcorn and dessert. Over the next several months, they have weekly virtual lunches with the other teams, and participate in BDF University, a curriculum that instructs employees on how to perform their jobs successfully.

Relationship building continues throughout the year with more get-togethers, including monthly fun events planned around holidays, sports or charity projects.

“As we continue to grow, we think about ‘How do we stay smaller?’” Carlson said about BDF’s determination to maintain its close-knit feeling.