Bridgeworth Wealth Management

Employees 57 | Firm Type RIA | CEO and Co-Founder DeLynn M. Zell | Location Birmingham, Alabama | Primary Custodian LPL Financial |

Last year, Bridgeworth, based in Birmingham, Alabama, identified the attributes of success among its best employees, to use as the firm’s core values. The effort resulted in the following principles:

  1. Everyone has to play well in the sandbox
  2. Commitment to excellence
  3. Lifelong learning
  4. Positive can-do attitude
  5. Do what is right always

 “These serve as guideposts to the employees, and they know we’re holding everyone to the same high standards. They reinforce good behavior and help morale,” said DeLynn Zell, co-founder and CEO.

 Also in 2021, Zell introduced what she calls “accountability pods.”   These are monthly small group meetings for partners and advisers, new and established, to give each other feedback and coaching on reaching their goals. These gatherings enable conversations between people who don’t normally interact, and keep people inspired, motivated and on track.

“As partners, we set the example. If you have to talk about your goals, when you’re in a pod with a junior adviser, you don’t want to be seen as a slacker,” she said.