Mission Wealth Management

Employees 76 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Matthew Adams | Location Santa Barbara, California | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services |

“There’s a mutual respect afforded when people know each other at a human level,” said Seth Streeter, co-founder of Mission Wealth, an RIA with 20 offices throughout the nation. This is essential for creating a healthy and satisfying work environment, especially during COVID, he said.

The firm takes a multi-pronged approach to create a culture based on human connectivity:

  • Companywide retreats, both in-person and virtual. Employees, flown to a common location, participate in team-building activities, such as volunteer projects.
  • Bimonthly, virtual, all-firm meetings. These begin with employees participating in ice breaker activities with randomized small groups. They discuss questions such as, “What’s your biggest goal? Your biggest lessons learned?”
  • Local office events. Employees attend fun hiking, dinner and theater events with local co-workers.
  • Affinity teams. These cross-company personal interest groups bring together employees based on common focus areas such as women’s issues, fitness and cooking.

“We curate deeper connections amongst teams,” Streeter said, “which in turn fosters empathy, deep sharing and understanding in a non-threatening way. Relationships are not simply transactional.”