SageView Advisory Group

Employees 130 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Randall Long | Location Newport Beach, California | Primary Custodian Cetera Advisor Networks |

How do you keep hundreds of employees across 31 offices happy?

“They truly enjoy what they’re doing,” said Randy Long, founder of SageView Advisory Group, a national RIA specializing in retirement plans and wealth management that’s headquartered in Newport Beach Calif.  In the past three years, the firm has added 10 offices and grown from 120 to 240 employees.

Much of employees’ satisfaction stems from the support they receive from the firm to smoothly serve clients and each other. To this end, SageView focuses on providing clear objectives and expectations, driven by a focus on clarity, transparency, process and integrity, along with a metric-driven compensation program, measured by data such as revenue and client satisfaction.

“We create a lot of consistency in serving our clients,” Long said. “We have a centralized, shared service model that provides investment research and marketing materials [to all the offices]. And we provide tremendous resources to answer employee questions.”

In addition, employees feel empowered because they have input into processes.

“It’s bottom-up – we take the best ideas from our advisors,” Long said.