SBSB Financial Advisors

Employees 68 | Firm Type RIA | Principal and Co-CEO Greg Sullivan | Location McLean, Virginia | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

It’s been a year of growth at SBSB Financial Advisors, which rebranded earlier this year from Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney, and the firm’s leaders have focused on keeping employees’ enthusiasm strong while mostly working remotely.

“We have employees actively involved in different committees that aim to keep employees happy and stay engaged,” said principal and co-CEO Greg Sullivan. “They plan activities to connect people despite more physical separation this year.”

The firm’s wellness committee, for instance, sets up programs focused on nutrition, mindfulness and yoga, and recently held a contest to see who could accumulate the most ran/walked miles in a month. SBSB also continues its strong mentoring program, which has been in place for more than a decade, and offers paid sabbaticals.

In response to the pandemic, the firm switched from quarterly staff meetings to having a shorter meeting every two weeks to try and keep communication strong, Sullivan said.

Though the company’s offices have reopened despite the pandemic, the vast majority of employees continue to work remotely. Sullivan said that even after Covid-19 concerns have passed, he expects about 70% of his firm will continue to work from home a day or two each week because they’ve come to enjoy it. Liz Skinner