Employees 88 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Heather Robertson Fortner | Location Atlanta, Georgia | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Shared values are what keep the people at SignatureFD together. SignatureFD’s values, known as its 6 Gs, are greatness, growth, gratitude, grace, grit and generosity.

Benefits that the firm provides include contributions to employees’ 401(k) accounts, unlimited vacation days and a paid five-week sabbatical every five years, along with fully paid medical coverage, tuition reimbursement and childcare expenses. The firm boasts a 95% retention rate.

SignatureFD also provides flexible work-from-home days, something it offered prior to the pandemic. “We really didn’t skip a beat when Covid hit, because the infrastructure was already set,” said Crystal Cooper Mathis, director of marketing and communications at the firm.

SignatureFD has multiple women in executive roles, including CEO Heather Robertson Fortner, and the firm has a diversity and inclusion task force.

The leadership team also believes that employees should embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. “There is an open floor plan where you can come talk to anyone, including the CEO,” Mathis said. “It allows people to be leaders in their own right, to be seen, heard, respected and valued. They can navigate space without micromanagement.”

Instead of a member of management being called the boss, SignatureFD uses a coaching system, which includes mentoring. The team then assess their goals and visons for the company. “You’re never too big to learn,” Mathis said. “Everybody can give feedback.”
Brittney Grimes