Gibson Capital

Employees 16 | Firm Type RIA | Chief Operating Officer Christine T. DeMao | Location Wexford, Pennsylvania | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services |

Gibson Capital recognizes its employees who go above and beyond with the “+@master” awards and personalized gift cards. The firm offers executive coaching for leaders through the Leadership Circle Profile. The founders hold an annual “GC Decathlawn” picnic and employees can enjoy quarterly luncheons to publicly share “kudos” messages from staff. The company hosts catered parties with gifts to celebrate all employee milestone anniversaries of 10 years or more. Employees can also enjoy QuizBreakers every Thursday to stay connected with each other.

Due to the pandemic, employees at the firm have enjoyed virtual escape rooms, virtual game night competitions, Blue Apron quarantine cuisine month and a remote “Shower in a Box” to mark a staff member’s wedding.