McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Employees 50 | Firm Type RIA | President and Chief Investment Officer David H. McKinley | Location Wheeling, West Virginia | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services |

McKinley Carter Wealth Services has a committee that hosts activities to foster a culture of appreciation. Known as the employee care committee, it plans events such as family picnics and birthday parties. McKinley Carter reimburses employees for exam registration fees, study materials, travel, lodging and meals associated with attending professional development classes or workshops. The firm auto-enrolls employees in its 401(k) plan once they are eligible, and matches the first 3% they contribute at a rate of 100% and the next 2% at a rate of 50%. At McKinley Carter, new hires are assigned a peer resource officer to mentor and assist them in acclimating to the firm.

In response to the pandemic, employees received a generous gift card to Hello Fresh so that they could embrace the joy of cooking and spend time with their families.