Beaird Harris

Employees 17 | Firm Type RIA | Managing Partner Pat Beaird | Location Dallas, Texas | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

“Our number one rule is ‘Treat everybody with dignity and respect at all times,’” said Pat Beaird, co-founder, Beaird Harris Wealth Management in Dallas.

“It has to be modeled at the top. If not, it won’t happen,” he said. “[Furthermore,] we believe in servant leadership — we lead by being willing do whatever it takes — there’s a humility that goes along with that. And we tend to attract those types of employees.”

Employees’ families are also given special respect, as Beaird Harris acknowledges their support with gift certificates during the busiest times of the year.

The firm’s culture, while led by the partners, gets a strong assist from its marketing and communication coordinator, partner Clint Dunn. He organizes company events, runs spouse recognition programs, crafts internal and external communications, and communicates and promotes special projects. In addition, he manages the company’s private Facebook group, uploading group photos and congratulating family milestones.

“He’s been essential to making it happen, especially during Covid,” Beaird said. “Keeping the firm connected is an important piece of the puzzle.”