McLean Asset Management

Employees 24 | Firm Type RIA | Managing Principal Dean Umemoto | Location Tysons, Virginia | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

With a large number of retirements occurring within just 18 months, McLean Asset Management in Tysons, Virginia, took steps four years ago to preserve the firm’s culture. Applying her background as a former recruiter, managing principal Paula Friedman came up with a plan.

“We decided to identify traits among the employees who had been most successful. We looked to see what they had in common,” she said.

The traits they discovered included adaptability; flexibility; self-management; a client focus, especially with an eye toward long-term relationships; a desire for continuous learning; and the ability to take ownership of responsibilities.

“These in turn guide our recruiting,” Friedman said. “We screen for these competencies, which results in employees who are aligned with the firm.”

In addition to their recruitment strategy, McLean supports its culture by delivering an extensive orientation process to its new hires, which includes engagement with management and the leadership team, and an online knowledge base.