Employees 31 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Daniel Wade | Location Cincinnati, Ohio | Primary Custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional |

If a financial advisory firm has a great culture, nothing else matters. If it doesn’t, nothing else matters. That aphorism sums up the philosophy of Wealthquest, where each employee signs a social contract outlining how they will work to be the best version of themselves.  

“We want healthy relationships, where it’s easy to ask for and to offer help, even if that help is not part of your job,” says CEO Wade Daniel. “If there is conflict, we want to address it directly and not triangulate, but we show patience and tolerance — which defines how we want to interact with each other.”  

Daniel believes Wealthquest’s culture is a key component of employee satisfaction. Benefits reflect the culture: Friday work hours end at noon, and the company matches charitable contributions. In addition, it provides adoption assistance, “because we’re big advocates for orphans,” said Daniel, who noted that several adoptions have taken place.  

Wealthquest also gives employees time off and covers costs up to $3,500 every three years for relief or mission trips anywhere in the world.  

“We have a heart for our clients and our world, and we put our money where our mouth is,” Daniel said.  — Evan Cooper